Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Edition - 2011 additions to The List

So my small circle of like-minded bloggers is abuzz today as the additions and removals for the latest edition of 1001 Movies (published yesterday) have finally made their way to us. 

What a lovely surprise, then, that after a rather mundane day of teaching the history of the development of the atomic theory (woooooo), I come home to several blog posts and a few emails filling me in with this novel information.

Thanks so much, fellow bloggers.  I really appreciate the posts and the updates - it was like a belated birthday present from you.

Because several people have now collated said list, I will refer you over to Jay's blog entry where he and Chip pull together the information.

For my money, I'm jazzed to see the expected The Artist, but also The Descendants, which I very much enjoyed.  After that, I have a lot of catching up to do.  Most looking forward to watching Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because Fincher equals awesomesauce.  Least looking forward to War Horse because animal films and I have an abusive relationship, in that they torture and abuse my psyche, and sitting through one leaves me the emotional equivalent of a puddle on the floor, completely incapable of pulling myself together.

Thanks again, all!


  1. You're more than welcome. If animal movies have as much of an effect upon you as they do on my other half, then War Horse will indeed destroy your very soul. I was fine with it, I care not a jot for horses, but she adores them, so seeing one in a constant state of near-peril for over two hours was unbearable for her. Good luck with that.

    1. Yeah, see, I thought as much. When an animal features prominently in a film, I tend to read as much about the movie as I can before I see it in order to mentally prepare for the torture, but it never does me any good. Maybe War Horse will be relegated to my "Never Gonna Happen" pile, right there with Amores Perros.

      Seriously, it's so bad that if I even SEE an animal in a film, if one of the characters owns a pet dog or something, I get all nervous and fidgety and cannot relax, and I cannot focus on ANYTHING else in the movie until I know the animal is going to be alright.

    2. Well I hear the War Horse book is pretty good (if I didn't live an ocean away I'd lend you my girlfriend's copy), or if you'd prefer I could just spoil the ending for you, your choice.

    3. You're welcome. Oldboy could be a problem for you, depending on how you feel about squid. I just watched Mediterranee, which had scenes of bullfighting in it. Babette's feast has some live animals that get made into food, although it's not that explicit.

      Not on the list, but I think it's Ang Lee's film Eat Drink Man Woman that shows everyone how turtle soup gets made.

      Off topic: I sent you an email with a question, if you haven't seen it.