Thursday, May 22, 2014

Short version: Not Dead

And I shall be celebrating my not-dead-edness with an entry this evening.

Warning: complaining ahead.  This is my blog so I am allowed an occasional moment of self-indulgent whining.  If not interested, the gif above tells you all you really need to know. ;)

Could this school year have been more demanding?  No, I don't think it could have.  My blogging wasn't the only thing that suffered.  I stopped exercising with my usual regularity because I was pulling 10-12 hour days, some of my friends have been (rightfully) complaining that I REALLY need to call them back, and when my husband and I actually spend a week night in each other's company, we're amazed. (to be clear on this one, though, he works even longer hours than I do, so... well, there's that.)

Why was this school year hard?  Three main reasons.
1. I'm the new head of the department.  Yayz for that, but jezus, was it a lot of time.  I mean, I knew I was capable of doing it and I don't think I made a total muck of things in my first year, but it was a big step up in terms of commitment.
2. I had double the number of students in my AP Chem course from any previous year.  Great, right?  Kids are interested and signing up for my course, huzzah!  Well, yes, and naturally I was stoked, but holy cow did the workload for prep/planning/GRADING double as well.
3. AP Chemistry changed.  The College Board, aka the group that runs all AP programs, ran a new curriculum this year.  Which means I had to run it.  Which means GOODBYE OLD LESSON PLANS I SHAN'T BE NEEDING YOU ANYMORE HELLO HOURS OF WORK PLANNING NEW LESSONS!



But the AP Chem exam was two and a half weeks ago, I have five more weeks until summer vacation, and my life is suddenly much more my own.

Honestly, it feels so very very nice to have the time and mental energy and desire to think about films again.

I'm planning on trying to get back to blogging by focusing more on my "happy" movies, movies that don't bring me down too much because after this year, I want to focus on happy diversions.



  1. Ah, that is nice. And here I thought you had given up blogging alltogether.
    Promotions are nice. Management promotions are not. I turned down a management offer for that very reason. I want to actually see my family from time to time. Hopefully next year will be easier for you.

    1. Nope, haven't given up on blogging! I was finding myself composing reviews in my head, but I just didn't have the mental energy to commit them to a webpage. I am optimistic that next year will be better; I was facing a lot of new stuff that required adjustment next year, and I don't think I'll have quite the same workload next year. After this year, I can completely understand you turning down that management offer, because WOW!

  2. She's back!!! Good to see you resurfacing again. I figured it must be the increased workload from the promotion you mentioned at the beginning of the school year; sorry to hear it was such a trip through the wringer BUT (1) at least it's almost summer, huzzah! (2) based on absolutely no experience of my own, I agree with you that next year will be easier (it has to be!) and (3) of COURSE you have every right in the world to use your own blog to vent and grouse and rant/rave/bitch/moan about whatever you please - don't hold it in!

    I've been checking in every few days to see if you had updated, which was a double bummer because the last thing you had written about was Salo, which was kind of a buzzkill. But I'm happy today to see it's being pushed down the scroll! Welcome back again!

    - Sunny D

    1. Aw, thank you so much for those words. I felt so guilty about abandoning the blog and all my awesome blog friends, so thank you for not yelling at me about my absence and welcoming me instead!!! It really means a lot.

      Yeah, I gotta post some more reviews to get Salo off the board. Blech.

  3. Great to have you back! I'd assumed a self-imposed hiatus for work reasons, I've been going through one myself to a lesser extent too, so I completely understand. I'm a little peeved that I've not yet seen Bringing Up Baby so can't actually read your latest review yet (I was this close to watching it the other night, but opted for All About Eve instead, expect a review of that soon). Anyway, yay for the return of Siobhan!

    1. Seriously, you guys and gals are so incredibly nice and sweet you almost made me cry with your lovely messages of welcome back. I felt so guilty for "abandoning" you, and then I got nervous about "coming back," but I really needn't have been. Thank you so so so so much.

      All About Eve is fab, I can't wait to read what you have to say about it!!!

  4. So, my hiatus started about the time yours stopped, so I am just now seeing this post. Belated welcome back!