Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 End of Year Wrap Up

My End of Year Wrap Up

Well, ladies and germs, this blog, this, my own personal blog, is something I am still committing to six months after I started it.  That right there is kinda sorta a big deal for me.  So as silly as this may sound, I’m rather proud of myself.  I’ve done more writing about films this calendar year than I ever have in the past.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and something I had dabbled with in the past, and if anything, my New Year’s resolution is to continue maintaining this blog, to remain committed to writing and updating.

So here are some highlights of my cinematic year.

  • In February, I discovered Squish’s 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Blog Club, and for the very first time, I realized that I was not alone.  That there were others out there in Internet Land who had become rather obsessed with the idea of watching and writing about all the films from the book.  This simple fact reinvigorated my passion for film and for the book, both of which had taken a bit of a back seat in my life for a few years.
  • I saw over fifty new movies from 1001 Movies, which is far more than in the past couple of years.  That rocks.  I hope it keeps up for next year. 
  • I wrote over one hundred new reviews, probably more like 150.  I try to write detailed reviews, not in terms of plot, but in terms of my reaction to the film.  I do this so I can remember the film by reading my review; too many times I’ve watched a movie then forgotten about it.  I don’t want that to happen anymore.

And here are some of my end-of-year Bests and Worsts.

Favorite new movie I watched this year:
I saw a lot of great new movies this year, but without a doubt, my favorite was Kieslowski’s Red.  I’ve yet to post my review of his Trois Couleurs trilogy, but that’s because I keep on thinking of more things I want to say, so I go back and add to it.   It’s the review that won’t die.  I’ll give you the capsule version: Red makes a case for being one of my favorite movies of all time.  IT’S THAT AWESOME!!!!
Honorable Mentions: Black Swan, Blue, Manhunter, Taste of Cherry

Least favorite new movie I watched this year:
Oh, Too Early, Too Late, what the heck are you?  Random boring static camera shots of landscapes and Egyptian marketplaces.  For an hour and a half?  Sorry.  No.  (but thanks to Chip for pointing me in the right direction to actually see this one.)
Honorable Mentions: Out of Africa, Reds.  Not to be confused with Red.  Two very different movies, two very different reactions from Siobhan.

Favorite movie I had already seen that I finally properly reviewed:
Double Indemnity.  I love that movie with the passion of a thousand burning fires.  I honestly consider it cinematic perfection, and it was great to be able to put that enthusiasm into a fairly coherent blog post.

Least favorite movie I had already seen that I had to review:
I have now seen Manhattan twice, and I’m done with it.  I never want to have those obnoxious characters inflicted on me again.
Honorable Mention: Marnie.  Because rape is never okay.

Favorite new directors:
This was the year I discovered the awesomeness that are the Two Ks: Kieslowski and Kiarostami.  I do not think I could pick between them.  I choose them both.  I had never seen a dang thing by either of them at the beginning of 2012, and ended the year having taken in three of each of their works.  Kieslowski for how he subverts cinematic expectations, and Kiarostami for his pure philosophy.

Major films crossed off my “List of Shame”:
We all have “those” movies, those famous films that we haven’t seen and really should have seen by now.  I was able to cross a number of these off that list this year, including:
Fight Club (I know, I know)
The Color Purple
Terms of Endearment
Mulholland Dr
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Goodfellas.  Nope, hadn’t seen Goodfellas before.  That was a big one to check off.

My most-hit blog post of the year:
Apparently, the world at large does a lot of google searches for Woody Allen’s Manhattan, because jeezy creezy, that post of mine has four times as many hits as the next most popular post (which, by the way, is Borat).

My cinematic resolutions:
Simple: keep doing what I’ve been doing.  Keep up with Squish’s blog club.  Keep writing.  Don’t let it feel like work – that’s a big one, and the only way I’ll keep doing it.  Don’t watch more than one movie a day (that helps it not feel like work for me).  Keep posting. 

A Happy and Healthy (and movie-filled) 2013 to all!


  1. First, thanks for the linkage (and for placing me under the "wonderful" link.) I feel special. :-)

    The reference to six months is since you changed your blog over to Blogger, right? I can't remember what you were on before, but I do know that I much prefer where you are now.

    Congrats on knocking off all those new movies and many from your list of shame. I'm glad to hear you found a couple new favorite directors.

    I'll have my status post up tomorrow. I've got one more movie review to post for the year today.

    Keep up the good work. You've got a whole bunch of 1001 movies you can watch now, so don't let Steve catch up to you. :-)

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, six months since I've been on Blogger, I used Livejournal before. Which has its perks, but this site is so much better for what I want to do.

      Oh, I think Steve will surpass me, and soon. My pace is going to be steady, but slow from here on out, and Steve is so much faster.

      I still have several movies on my List of Shame, but I admit right now I'm rather scared to see Platoon. I don't do well with war movies. Maybe in 2013 I'll finally find the nerve to watch it.

  2. I'll take the "intelligent" link, although I may not deserve it.

    This does get to be a sort of compulsion, doesn't it?

    Anyway, keep it up. I like that we tend to agree on a lot of films, and I like more that we disagree on some of them. Keep telling me where I'm wrong.

    1. Oh, you deserve the 'intelligent' link.

      It's hardly me telling you where you're wrong, but what I enjoy so much about this is that we can engage in healthy discourse. It's not about trolling or mudslinging, but enthusiastic exchanges of ideas. I like that a lot.

  3. Thanks for the link, but mostly thanks for all the writing, I love hearing your opinions on all these films, most of your recommendations are sound and solid (although I think I liked Manhattan, but its been a while since I last saw it).

    Keep up the good work, yours is one of the blogs I look forward to reading the most, and I'm always disappointed when you review a film that I've not seen yet, as I don't like reading those for fear of unintentional spoilers. I suppose I'll just have to watch more films, to make sure that doesn't happen!

    1. Thank you so so much. It's very encouraging for me to read this! I've been dreaming about doing something like this blog for several years, so it's very exciting for me to finally sit down and write it! I've got a bunch of archived reviews waiting to post, so I'll definitely be keeping it up!

      I know what you mean about being disappointed when someone reviews a film I haven't seen. I don't like to spoil it either, but I do so enjoy reading what other people write, you included!

  4. "Share a like mind" is quite a compliment. Thank you very much, though I am not sure I deserve it. Like Jay above I really appreciate your writing and have often sneak-peeked at reviews for movies I have not gotten to yet, just to see what you are writing. It is always excellent stuff.

    I am so much looking forward to reading your blog in 2013 and promise to drop a comment from time to time. A hint: those comments are more likely to come when you write about the really old stuf ;-). There is a lot of gold there.

    1. I like that your pace, like my pace, isn't the fastest.

      I love the old stuff too. When push comes to shove, I might say that the thirties are my favorite decade for film.

      You keep it up too!!!